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jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

Top 20 Tips for an Date

Searching for images on the Google on the statement, I found a page commented twenty tips to get it right an appointment, and of course the comment:

Okay suggest a drink instead of a dinner for the first date. She also fears that can be boring.

Call her ending Monday afternoon to confirm the appointment on Thursday (weekends are not for first dates).

Give the number of your home and your office. If you do not give your home number, she will assume that you have a wife or girlfriend.

If you want your plans a surprise for her, give at least a hint of what to wear. You do not want to have a woman too neat and too stressed in a simple, and high heels.

Yes, yes she will realize if the location of the meeting place is conveniently close to where you live.

Don´t  assume that just because you're dating a beautiful woman, she knows how good it looks. She wants to hear from you.

    Ask if you are too cold or too hot, and if it is in your means ambient temperature change, do it.

Men judge women according to whether they can imagine having sex with them, women judge men according to whether they are can imagine kissing. Care and white teeth, fresh breath and fresh lips will make her more willing to kiss you.

Do not ask "so what music do you like?". The past 25 types asked that. Be Original.

She loves you insist on ordering dessert. Sharing is very sensual.

Grab the mind, mentally divide it by 10, double that number and pu
t it as a tip. Do it quickly but casually. Believe me, she will be watching.

    besoSi touches your arm, is interested, if you touch your leg, is interested in that night.
If in doubt, take his hand.

Very small protective gestures leave their mark and prove you are a gentleman, offer your arm to move up a step, push it away from the broken glass fragments. She warned if you wait until you are safely in your car or at home before Parthian. Wait an additional 90 seconds, and the next you could be with her.

She expects you to know the color of your eyes for the next appointment.

Women need momentum. Without it, they lose interest or wonder if you have it. Impulse = at least one appointment a week, plus a couple of phone calls between appointments.

She knows that when you invite her to dinner or watch a movie at home, is the code for "we do it tonight." Do not do it before the third date.

The fourth date must be a Friday or Saturday. Otherwise, she'll wonder who else you see.

When you get to something more intimate, call her the next day. Otherwise, you will feel cheated and used.

Do not say "I'll call you" if you have no intention of doing so. She'd rather not say anything.

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