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jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

Tips for shy men and their first dates

Consejos para hombres tímidos y sus primeras citas

If you are a shy man will have greater difficulty of facing a first date. Do not worry, today we will give you some tips to help you increase your chances and be victorious in your date. Remember that confidence is a very attractive attribute. In fact, most women say they feel more attracted to men who demonstrate trust and confidence in themselves.

If you are a shy man, you must learn to project an image of confidence. On the one hand, eye contact is a must. When you cites a woman, you should look her eyes and her. If you're looking at your shoes or the room where you are, this will make the girl is annoying. Second, you must project your voice and speak audibly and clearly. If you approach a woman and speak in a voice so low that you have to repeat several times what you say, she will not be impressed by you.

Do not cross your arms when you're talking to a woman. In this body language indicates that try to maintain a distance and do not want him near you. Your behavior outside (but inside have some butterflies fluttering through the stomach) should be natural but calculated to project confidence. Practice in front of a mirror. Make an effort to keep your head up and shoulders back. The body language says it all.

Sometimes shy men have a tendency to ramble nervously about themselves. Not that shy guys are rude and insensitive, it's just that they are not sure how to work under pressure. Unfortunately, if you talk too much about you may think you're a selfish egomaniac. You must ask the other person about her: her job, her friends, etc.. but not overdo it, do not look like an interrogation.

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