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lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

Sending Messages To A Girl

Look at the messages "sent" on your phone and see how many times you sent a message to a girl who said something like "What's up?" Or "How are you?".

Now delete those messages yourself and promise yourself that from now on, when you send a message to a girl, will send those messages never boring, lacking in personality.

These messages help you to highlight any features of your unique personality, fun and playful, and put women in the commitment that message conversation continue. You're giving her control.

Every text you send should offer some value to the woman who receives it. You must also include elements of your style.

A message much more playful and fun to send a girl would be, "Stop thinking about me! ", Or" You appeared in my mind and just wanted to say hi. "

These messages do not force the conversation going ... but she wants to make answer. And she flirtee get text message you.

Do Short, Provocative, and Fun

Send messages to girls is not really a way to meet women.

Instead, consider it as an opportunity to give a girl a 'look' of who you are as a man.Show him an "advance" on your sense of humor, your interests, and your personality.And flirts, MUCH.


Have you sent a text message to a woman and she does not answer for a couple of hours?

What went through your mind during the time you expected your answer?

Probably could not stop thinking about IT.

You must create intrigue and mystery when you send messages to the girls. This creates a roller coaster effect in your posts. You want to be spontaneous, inaccurate, and always unpredictable.

So usually answer messages if you send a girl a few minutes of receiving it ... every third or fourth time waiting for thirty to ninety minutes to return the message. Sometimes you can wait until the next day.

This gives her the opportunity to think about yourself. It lets you experience the pleasure of look forward to your next post. This is probably the most important concept to remember when you use your mobile phone to flirt.

What You Send messages to girls?

During the early exchanges NOT attempt to arrange a meeting. As I mentioned earlier, just want to show that you are a kind seductive and fun. So your initial messages should show this side of your personality ... and also be used to see if she's a girl you have some sort of understanding.

Remember, the reason for using your phone flirt, engage in a bit of communication, and make her think about you.

Something else you should do is to assume that there is an understanding. This means you can jump directly to send messages without explaining every aspect of your life.

could send something like:

"I just bought the best pair of shoes there for $ 20 ... I do not believe" or

"My dog ​​is super funny" O

"Hey what's new, silly?"

Game Concept Phone

Obviously there are other ways to address text messages for a girl. But I recommend you to take a look at The "99 Best Text Messages of All Time", as it contains over 100 specific examples of text messages funny, playful and seductive that you can send the girls ... but first ...

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