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sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

My 3 Favorite Topics To Talk To A Woman

Fun Topics For Talking To Women

In this next article I want to talk about something very important to keep your conversations fun and sexy ...And choosing the right topics to talk about.

I used to be so lost on what to tell the girls that actually I prayed one day one of my friends who used a "microphone" so I can hear.

My friend Jake, had a gift for talking to women for hours without running out of things to say or switch to super boring topics that end up losing interest.

Jake never agreed to use the "microphone". Although sometimes I was heard from outside your door.I could steal some good ideas from him then. I still use some of those ideas today ... Because they work!And thought I'd share some of them with you.1. Nemesis, Enemies, and Bitterness

"I try to put myself in the same team as her." Jake told me. "And the fastest way to do this is to find a common enemy we could both talk shit or gossip."

He explained that sometimes the common enemy would be someone with whom the two went to school, and make her laugh by making fun of the person in a fun way.

Or sometimes the common enemy would be his kind of music hated, MDV, certain holiday, or any thing that both have hatred.

He said one of his favorite questions to ask a girl is "Who is your mortal enemy? Who is that girl you're always competing? "

I discovered that this is a great question because once the girl starts to tell about his "mortal enemy" is usually a pretty funny story. And it's also quite easy to bother with that.

Now, you will want to stay on the "fun" when they talk about grudges or enemies and not spend to get too negative or hateful.

Make it a fun theme!
2. List Top 10

"Everyone loves a top 10 list" Jake told me once.

And he's right. People love them, and love to hear them. And love to argue about them.Girls love to talk about themselves.

And the best way to talk about yourself is to give an opinion about something.

Whether it is their "top 10 celebrity crushes with" or "Top 10 Albums" or "Top 10 Dream Vacation" or "top 10 favorite places to have sex" just entered a fun theme that continue the conversation walking for a long while.

And, again, it is more than likely that some of your answers material will surely bother you. It can also give you something to argue playfully about.Three. Inventing a "Mission"

This is one of the favorite things he taught me Jake.

"Try to find a mission in which both can work together as a joke"

The look for something that both would agree, and then turn it into some kind of mission.

"Let's make it our mission to stop types" growl "in the gym"

"Let's make our mission is that old and senile people not be allowed to operate."

"Let's make it our mission to eliminate the Justin Bieber cut off the face of the earth."

The sense of this would create this "mission" to be a common topic of conversation that could return when the conversation boring place.

The best missions are fun and allow you to do some role playing with imaginary scenarios.

Remember, this is not a mission that will together really, it's just something that can bother a while.

What you're really doing with each of these issues is to find things to tease and flirt with her. You are trying to make "take the bait" to say something or do something that allows you to bring the focus ofthe conversation to her.

So those are three topics of conversation I learned from my friend Jake for many years. Often these issues still use, and never fail to give me material for molesting a woman.

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