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sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

How Do You Know If She Likes You?

How many times have you been for twenty minutes in a conversation with a woman and wondered to yourself "I like or just being polite?" It would be easier if you just told, no? But they will not.

It's in your hands like a man, notice the modest signs that the woman is giving and acting on them.

If you do not open your eyes to these signals, you could get stuck in a conversation without end where a woman has no interest in you but only in the drinks you've been buying ...

Or worse ... you could end up leaving a woman who is almost ready to go with you to your apartment and rip your clothes.

So what are these signs you should be looking for? What are other ways to tell if a woman likes you?Signs that a woman may be interested:

All these signs, by themselves, do not necessarily mean a woman likes you. But as you begin to see several of these signs of interest, you can be sure that, at least, have enough to begin climbing reports the conversation to a much more intimate level.

1. She's laughing at your jokes, even when they aren´t funny

If a woman is being the perfect audience, laughing all the time, prompting you to talk longer and has a great smile put on your face all the time you've been talking about, then it is a clear indication that you are fully enjoying your company.

When we laugh with someone, unconsciously are saying "I like you. And I'm hearing what you're saying. "And if you are going out of their way to let you know who is laughing ... is also going out of their way to make you keep talking.

Just be careful not to confuse the real laugh with a nervous laugh, "Please get me out of here.

2. She tells you to try your drink

This has always been the indicator that works 100% for me for all these years when a woman wanted to be kissed.

If you're in a bar talking to a woman and gives her drink and says something like "Try my drink." Or if you somehow encourages you to try your drink, is unconsciously telling you is comfortable with you at a more intimate level. This is great to know if a woman likes you.

3. She asks if you have a girlfriend 

When a woman is close to a man who is beginning to like, it will always try to see if you have a girlfriend.Many women are just going to ask.

If you do not ask what surely will do little questions that encourage information like: "With whom do you live?" Or if you just tell a story of some holidays or some concert you're gone, will say "With who you were? ".

If a woman is not interested in you in any way, rarely will ask or be interested in if you have a girlfriend.

4. The proof of the "High five"

If you want to actively find out if a woman is interested ... here is a little test you can do that will help you know the amount of interest that woman in you.

While you're talking to a woman and says something you like, chócale five.

The key is that when it hits his hand with it, try to intertwine your fingers with hers for a second.Your reaction to this will indicate their comfort level around you.

If you remove your hand immediately, or let your fingers stiff, probably still do not feel completely comfortable with you.

Otherwise, if you leave your hand there for a moment and close your fingers, or let his hand touch yours ... is a good indicator that you have developed a good level with her.May. He calls you a playerIt's weird, right?

Many men assume that if a woma
n tells you you're "all a player" probably not interested. But this is just one of those things counter-intuitive to determine with sufficient time to talk to women.

If a woman calls you a player, have already accomplished two things. The first is that it has become comfortable enough around you to say such things. And the second is that she sees you as the kind of person who is used to talking to women.

If a woman does this kind of statement, just see what a "test" and continues the conversation as always.

 DO NOT try to defend yourself or prove that you're not. In fact, the best response is to smile and say simply "Is it that obvious?" And continue the conversation as if he never said it.

There are several "indicators of interest" very obvious that some dating gurus recommend, such as notice body language, looks and verbal cues. But when someone asks me "how do you know if a woman likes me" these are the five signs that I recommend for you to be outstanding.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to tell if a woman likes you.

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