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jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

20 Tips for Your First Date

How to act, how to dress, what to say and what not in your first meeting with him. We give you valuable keys to the overall success

The first output is always a little difficult because for the first time you're alone with the man who probably want to have a relationship. The success or failure of that first day is crucial to have a future meeting.
Surely you some days before doubts arise about how to act, how to dress, what they say and what to avoid doing in your first meeting with this guy that you like. So then we give you 20 keys to achieve total success in that quote.
How to behave
• First of all, consider your wish for liking him should never take to act, to lie or behave differently than they really are.
• must be natural, yourself, because otherwise it eventually discover your poses or lies.
• Never forget that honesty is the foundation of any relationship and if your beau does not like you as you are, it is best not to go ahead with it.
• Try to make the man feel comfortable that you like, show warm and friendly with him so he feels comfortable with you.
What to say and what not
• It is likely that at first you are somewhat insecure, especially because it is difficult to hide that die for it. A good idea is to tell him you're a little nervous, that he is aware of this and apologize for any possible "blunder" of you.
• However, what you should never do is talk about your feelings on your first date, this could scare or take it to get the wrong idea about you.
• For most men, the physical is not the most important, many look for a woman to talk and share their problems. But this does not make you believe it is good to tell your family or work worries on that first day.
• Pay attention and try to strike a balance between talking and listening. It will be very important for you to hear it and you respect what you own.
How not to fall into errors
There are some issues and behaviors that are best avoided on a first date, if you want your long awaited encounter end in failure:
• Money. It is very appropriate to speak of material goods, if you do not want him to think you're a girl too ambitious
• Ex couples. Do not talk to him about previous love affairs, or first dates with other people.
• Criticizing the place. It will not be successful disapprove the venue for your appointment, unless you've chosen you set your mind to it and go elsewhere.
• Sports. If you are indifferent this topic, you should start a conversation about sports, because if it's fan will not stop talking.
• Wedding or marriage. Avoid at all costs any mention of these two words if you want to come see your beau.
• Talking on the phone constantly. If you want to make a good impression, do not talk on cell phones compulsively, then look no interest on your part and you will feel uncomfortable with you.
How to dress
• Before choosing the clothes you're wearing, know in what place you go to do with it. No matter if you dress going out at night, if they're going to have a coffee in the afternoon, your outfit is going according to the occasion.
• Choose clothes that you feel comfortable and safe. Do you wear something that you have to be alert all the time. It is not impersonating a femme fatale, but spent a most enjoyable time possible.
• Consultation with a good friend man what clothes you best, your male perspective and honest will help you.
What to do if it does not work
• Maybe your first date does not go as you had hoped from the beginning, so it is advisable to plan a short meeting or an alternative plan.
• If you do not know the guy that you'll encounter and fear the possibility of having nothing in common with him, you better when you get there you inform him you probably have to go in an hour or two and will not look rude if you say goodbye ahead of schedule.

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